Reasons to retire in Colombia

Are you ready for the adventure of your life? These are some reasons to choose Colombia as your new home:

Colombia’s Location: The most privileged location in America. At the North West corner of South America, with coast at the two seas Pacific and Atlantic, Andean mountains, and all types of geographical spots.

Proximity to the world:  Colombia is about  three hour flight from Miami to Bogota, Medellin or Cali.

Colombia’s  Climate Diversity: You can choose whatever to fit your needs. You can feel the four seasons whenever time of the year if you want.

Colombia’s Cost of Living: You will probably be able to live in Colombia with even more luxuries than you are accustomed to, simply because the prices are so economical.

Cost of Colombia’s real state: The property market offers significant bargains. Community complex with the comfort of a resort, outside the cities but near at the same time is getting popular in Colombia.

Colombia’s incentives to Foreign investors: Foreign investment is welcome in Colombia and consequently foreign investors have the same rights as Colombian nationals.

Right now foreigners can purchase homes, invest, and run any business with no other limitations than the same for locals, and may obtain full ownership titles.

Others Incentives to Foreigners

The government is working on useful and practical strategies to attract  foreigners such as integrated programs sponsored by the local chambers of commerce to learn English and welcome them and make them feel that this is their new home. These initiatives have taken place in Medellin, Bogota, Pereira, Cali, and Cartagena. There is just one more thing to say: Colombia is your next investment destination.

Accessibility to commercial facilities: Large supermarket chains are already settled in most Colombian cities (French retail chains like Carrefour and Group Casino who bought local Éxito retail stores chain  have stores in all major cities). They carry a wealth of local and imported groceries and general items.

Colombia’s technology infrastructure:  High internet accessibility is due in part to the fact that Colombia maintains the third-highest telephone density in Latin America, ahead of Brazil and Mexico.

Colombia is very blessed with tropical and subtropical:  We produce all kind of fruits and vegetables in abundance. Fresh products and exotic fruits are available daily in the markets around the country. You’ll be surprised to taste delicious fruits you can even heard off.

Colombia’s Healthcare factor: An extensive modern private healthcare infrastructure is available  throughout  Colombia. You can buy a health insurance for half the cost less than in the US. Health tourism is becoming popular in Colombia. Hospitals and clinics count with up-to-date articulated medicine, trained doctors, technology, and equipment, at very competitive prices.

Colombia’s Eco-tourism attractions: Colombia is the No. 1 bird watching spot in the world. At the Pacific coast you can do whale-watching, scuba diving, snorkeling.  Wherever you decide to live, you will find different spots for outdoor activities ( hiking, climbing, mountain biking, parachuting) supported by spring weather all year round.

The friendly nature of Colombian people: This is our most valuable asset.  Colombian are very friendly with foreigners.  Although you don’t speak Spanish, people in the streets will make their effort to understand you.

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