Reasons to retire in Colombia

Are you ready for the adventure of your life? These are some reasons to choose Colombia as your new home:

Colombia’s Location: The most privileged location in America. At the North West corner of South America, with coast at the two seas Pacific and Atlantic, Andean mountains, and all types of geographical spots.

Proximity to the world:  Colombia is about  three hour flight from Miami to Bogota, Medellin or Cali.

Colombia’s  Climate Diversity: You can choose whatever to fit your needs. You can feel the four seasons whenever time of the year if you want.

Colombia’s Cost of Living: You will probably be able to live in Colombia with even more luxuries than you are accustomed to, simply because the prices are so economical.

Cost of Colombia’s real state: The property market offers significant bargains. Community complex with the comfort of a resort, outside the cities but near at the same time is getting popular in Colombia.

Colombia’s incentives to Foreign investors: Foreign investment is welcome in Colombia and consequently foreign investors have the same rights as Colombian nationals.

Right now foreigners can purchase homes, invest, and run any business with no other limitations than the same for locals, and may obtain full ownership titles.

Others Incentives to Foreigners

The government is working on useful and practical strategies to attract  foreigners such as integrated programs sponsored by the local chambers of commerce to learn English and welcome them and make them feel that this is their new home. These initiatives have taken place in Medellin, Bogota, Pereira, Cali, and Cartagena. There is just one more thing to say: Colombia is your next investment destination.

Accessibility to commercial facilities: Large supermarket chains are already settled in most Colombian cities (French retail chains like Carrefour and Group Casino who bought local Éxito retail stores chain  have stores in all major cities). They carry a wealth of local and imported groceries and general items.

Colombia’s technology infrastructure:  High internet accessibility is due in part to the fact that Colombia maintains the third-highest telephone density in Latin America, ahead of Brazil and Mexico.

Colombia is very blessed with tropical and subtropical:  We produce all kind of fruits and vegetables in abundance. Fresh products and exotic fruits are available daily in the markets around the country. You’ll be surprised to taste delicious fruits you can even heard off.

Colombia’s Healthcare factor: An extensive modern private healthcare infrastructure is available  throughout  Colombia. You can buy a health insurance for half the cost less than in the US. Health tourism is becoming popular in Colombia. Hospitals and clinics count with up-to-date articulated medicine, trained doctors, technology, and equipment, at very competitive prices.

Colombia’s Eco-tourism attractions: Colombia is the No. 1 bird watching spot in the world. At the Pacific coast you can do whale-watching, scuba diving, snorkeling.  Wherever you decide to live, you will find different spots for outdoor activities ( hiking, climbing, mountain biking, parachuting) supported by spring weather all year round.

The friendly nature of Colombian people: This is our most valuable asset.  Colombian are very friendly with foreigners.  Although you don’t speak Spanish, people in the streets will make their effort to understand you.

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The best time to invest in Colombia

This Might Be the Best Time to Buy Colombian Pesos
By Alan Farley | September 16, 2015 AAA |
The Colombian Peso has been hit hard since the middle of 2014, with Columbia’s energy-dependent economy suffering from the precipitous drop in crude oil prices. Petroleum products comprise more than 45% of exports, making GDP highly sensitive to commodity price swings. While diversification into information technology, shipbuilding and tourism has eased the impact in recent years, petroleum exports still represent the country’s primary source of capital.

Colombia has experienced a historic boom in the last two decades, and is currently Latin America’s fifth largest economy. The growth curve heightened during crude oil’s dramatic ascent between 1997 and 2007, helped along by a return to law and order, after the criminal culture of drug cartels receded from the public’s consciousness. However, growth rates have eased since the middle of 2014, with crude oil losing more than half of its value and falling to a six-year low.

Crude oil has come well off its lows in the summer of 2015, in reaction to much needed supply cuts, as well as conciliatory statements from the Organization of Petroleum Exports (OPEC). Even so, it may be counterintuitive for a cross of the Colombian Peso with the USD Dollar (USD/COP) to offer a profitable trade or investment, but now’s a perfect time to consider a short sale that marks a bullish bet.

As a non-member oil producer, Colombia has been hit especially hard by an OPEC supply buildup that’s forced the country to lower production at the same time that prices have collapsed. However, the tide may be turning, supporting an increase in growth rates that will underpin the value of Colombia’s currency. Against this backdrop, market players with an appetite for risk should now watch key price levels for an entry signal.
The following technical signal applies a technique outlined by Wall Street trader Victor Sperandeo in his 1991 book «Methods of a Wall Street Master.» His 2B Sell pattern sets into motion when a security rallies above a major resistance level but fails to generate bullish momentum. (For more, see: Beat the Market With a Strong Pattern Failure Strategy.) A counter-swing below the breakout level generates a sell short signal that’s managed with a stop loss above the rally high.

Monthly USD/COP Chart

USD/COP Monthly Chart

USD/COP topped out near 3000 pesos in 2002, and sold off to the 1500 level in 2007. A buying spike during the 2008 economic collapse leveled off when world economies began to recover, dropping the instrument into a test of the downtrend low. It ground out a 5-year rounded bottom across 1800 pesos and entered a new uptrend in July 2014, in reaction to crude oil’s downtrend.

The cross rallied above the 2002 high in August 2015, signaling a major breakout, but momentum faded as soon as the rally pierced 3200 pesos. It was trading less than 100 pesos above the breakout level at the start of September 2015, setting up a test at new support, with a selloff through that level signaling a failed breakout and 2B Sell signal that could end the long uptrend.

Weekly USD/COP Chart

USD/COP Weekly Chart

In addition to the technical signal, a decline through 3000 pesos may escalate because bulls who bought the breakout will need to sell positions at a loss. In turn, this could generate a feedback loop and downside momentum that drops the cross toward intermediate support just above 2600 pesos. A Fibonacci grid laid over the weekly uptrend aligns tightly with that level while the 100% retracement of the last rally wave offers a final downside target below 2300 pesos. (For more, see: Placing Fibonacci Grids Is Key to Your Trading Strategy.)

The Colombian Peso is closely levered to crude oil prices because more than 45% of Colombia’s exports are petroleum products. Signs are growing that energy markets are finally bottoming out, allowing the currency to recover its value in a profitable trend against the U.S. Dollar.

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Process of buying real estate assets in Colombia

To buy real property in Colombia you usually need to start with the execution of a purchase agreement. By this way, the seller agrees to transfer the property rights. This agreement must be executed by means of a public deed at a Notary Public´s office. In order to do so, the following documents are required:

  • Certified copy of the real estate tax paid on the year of the purchase of the real property.
  • Original appraisal good standing certificate issued by the Urban Development Institute (Instituto de Desarrollo Urbano – IDU).
  • Original home owner association fees – “HOA fee” – good standing certificate if the real property is subject to a condominium regime.

Property rights over real estate properties are transferred by means of the registration of the acquisition title in the Public Instruments Registry Office (Oficina de Registro de Instrumentos Públicos). The purchase of the real property ends with the formal delivery of the good.

The costs related to the process depend on the price of the good acquired. The list of the costs for the purchase of a real property is as follows:

  • Notary rights: paid by the seller and buyer evenly.
  • Withholding at source: (1% of the price of the real property).
  • Registry tax: paid by the seller and buyer evenly (1% of the price of the real property).
  • Transfer and appraisal certificates: paid by the seller.
  • Registry rights: paid by the buyer (0.5% of the value of the business)

Buy Real Estate In Colombia

Investing & Living

Want to live or to invest in Colombia? Why not doing both at the same time? Actually, living in Colombia is a way of investing as well. Life here is much cheaper than in many other countries but that is not all. Medellín has been rated as one the best destinations for living and is becoming a business center in Latin America. If you are looking for an opportunity to make your money grow, you are in the right place and at the right moment.

Real Estate In Colombia is here to be bridge and help real estate buyers, renters, and investors in Colombia to make the best choice. Whether you want to travel or stay, to buy or to rent, to rest or to invest, we can help you achieve your goals: retire early, enjoy an amazing social life, buy a second home, experience the nicest weather, start your business here. Remember: You can live better for less and invest the rest! We are real estate experts in Colombia and we are here for you!